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Kevin Drew Releases Album Details, New Video


By: Corey Tate

Another Broken Social Scene happening. I swear to god these guys come in waves... no... onslaughts of releases. It's like they all go get busy during the Canadian winter writing tons of music, and by Spring and Summer, they all explode with new stuff.

So it's with no surprise that Kevin Drew is releasing his latest album, titled Spirit If... on Arts&Crafts on September 18th. There's a host of famous peeps and Canadian cohorts on the album: J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Scott Kannberg (Pavement, Preston School Of Industry), Gonzales, Ohad Benchechrit and Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think), Joules Scott-Key (Metric, Bang Lime), Andrew Kenny (American Analog Set) and Tom Cochrane.

So how much would you pay for this album and a set of steak knives? Wait! There's more! Justin Peroff, Feist, Brendan Canning, Amy Millan, Jason Tait, Julie Penner, Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, Evan Cranley, Andrew Whiteman, David Newfeld, Bill Priddle, Jason Collett and David Mitchell, all are included on the album. I'd like to see them pack everyone on a bus and go on tour.

Here's a quote from their MySpace page about the video "The video happened last minute after a Dinosaur Jr show in Toronto where J, Lou, and Murph all came to the shoot to hang out. John Caffery from 'Kids on TV' was hired to come and dance his ASS off and a spontaneous party was put into effect. There were seven mirrors, one disco ball, four lights, one bottle of rum, three bottles of tequila, 62 beers, four crew, and 17 people. It got put together on the day of the shoot and became the party of the year. It cost three thousand dollars to make... It was priceless."

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 MP3: Kevin Drew


Kevin Drew: Spirit If... Track List:
01 Farewell To The Pressure Kids
02 Tbtf
03 F–ked Up Kid
04 Safety Bricks
05 Lucky Ones
06 Broke Me Up
07 Gangbang Suicide
08 Frightening Lives
09 Underneath The Skin
10 Big Love
11 Back Out On The...
12 Aging Faces / Losing Places
13 Bodhi Sappy Weekend
14 When It Begins


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