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eMusic Is Going Mobile


By: Spacelab Research Staff

eMusic is going mobile. They're getting in on the mobile phone action with the announcement that they're working with AT&T to sell what's called over the air, or OTA downloads. That means you can push a button on your phone and buy a song.

Maybe a few songs. They've decided that the county fairs have had a monopoly on the drink and food ticket thing for too long and have decided to sell songs in blocks. You get 5 songs for $7.49, but in an improvement on the fair theme, you won't get stuck with any leftover tickets! No more ticket angst!

There's no plan for the iPhone yet, which is not really a surprise considering that Apple probably wants iTunes to own those transactions in a seamless integrated experience.

So eMusic will be the first OTA service for independent music. Verizon and Sprint may already have their own OTA thing, but they focus mostly around big-name, big-label music. The revolution continues...


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