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Mono DVD Action + Video, MP3


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Japanese wall of noise cathartists Mono are readying a number of new items right now, including an album of hard to find rarities titled A collection of EPs 2000-2007. It features all of Mono's out of print tracks that were not part of any albums, compiled into one handy realease. Nice. It's the non-album album.

They're also releasing a DVD of live footage from Korea, Japan, the U.S. and Canada titled The Sky Remains The Same As Ever. Lucky people in Japan will see it this year on September 11th through Human Highway Records, North Americans will have to wait until 2008 via Temporary Residence. It features beautiful footage of the band courtesy of Teppei, and shows them in the stdio and onstage. You can check out the trailer above.

 MP3: Mono


A Collection of EPs 2000-2007
01 Finlandia
02 Black Woods
03 Yearning
04 Memorie dal Futuro
05 Due foglie,una candela : il soffio del Vento
06 Since I've Been Waiting For You
07 Gone
08 Black Rain
09 Rainbow
10 Little Boy (1945 - Future)


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