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P2P: LimeWire Turns Into A Store


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Completing the transition from rogue P2P app to a full-on part of the establishment, LimeWire has announced plans to launch a digital music store.

They'll start a separate web site, with plans to eventually have the P2P app link to the store. Eventually the P2P WILL be the store. Already onboard are Nettwerk Productions and IRIS Disrtibution, so the rumors are abound that LimeWire could end up as a store serving the independent music community.

Songs can be bought via a la carte purchases or subscription plans. They'll offer DRM-free tracks in MP3, so the music will have ultimate portabilty, no matter what kind of MP3 player you might have. The sound quality will be in the newly de riguer 256 kbps, which means you'll get some fairly bassy low ends and some (almost) clean high ends to the music.

LimeWire came to fame as another one of those P2P file sharing programs based on the Gnutella network. Later they also joined up with BitTorrent. They were sued late last year by the RIAA; a month later, LimeWire countersued, citing antitrust violations.

So this could be part of a strategy to go legit and build part of their legal case. By the time the case gets to court, LimeWire will be on the path of being part of the legit establshment, which weakens the RIAA's case.


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