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Brad Laner Goes Solo on Neighbor Singing


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Where do you go when you've already played with the likes of Medicine, Tool, Replicants of Failure, Brian Eno, Vetiver, Caribou, and even the exalted Captian and Tenille? You go solo, which is exactly what Brad Laner is doing right now, at this very moment.

He's releasing a new album called Neighbor Singing, filled with a curious atmosphere of vast sounds and presences. Otherwordly, indeed. Brad wanted to put everything he's got into this album, a summation of all of the experiences he's had over decades of touring and playing in bands. IT worked out well.

"I wanted to shamelessly utilize all of the different skills that I've built up over a lifetime of musical experiences. It's not a reflection of my record collection but rather the first examples of a new approach to pop music that feels to me to be almost biologically my own."

And it's really got that California feeling. Check out the MP3 for June Gloom, even with it's downer title its got early Beach Boys atmospherics and sounds that you didn't know could come out of your speakers, all wrapped around a pop song,

 MP3: Brad Laner



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