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iPod Touch

The New iPod - You Can Touch It


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Borrowing from the likes of the iPhone, the new iPod Touch was announced today by Apple's Steve Jobs.

The new iPod Touch will indeed feature the new touch screen interface, casting the old-style iPod dial into the antiquated bin like an old rotary phone. You can also connect to the newly announced iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store to buy music without going to your computer and jacking in. You can even look at Web sites, as it comes with Apple's Safari browser.

Ther'e also a price drop in a new 8 gig iPhone, bringing the price down by $200 for an 8 gig model. You can also buy your music at Starbucks on the new iPhone and iPod, as they've announced a deal between Apple and Starbucks to allow free access to the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store while in a Starbucks, but it's unclear as to whether you can get free Wi-Fi access to just surf the web.

There was also the less exciting announcements that the regular iPod is now up to 160 gigs and has been renamed the iPod "Classic," and the iPod Nano gets a large video screen.

The whole iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store was met with the usual desire / complaint response. Everybody liked the new model but lots of people ranted about the fact that you have to use Wi-Fi to connect and not the AT&T EDGE network. Trust me, they're doing us a favor on this, as Wi-Fi is much faster than the EDGE thing and we all want to be spared the experience of trying to buy music over the slow and flaky EDGE network.

But the Starbucks deal seems really strange. These decisions sound really good in corpporate meeting rooms as the suits throw around words like "synergy!' to describe how Starbucks can widen its footprint in the music selling world, but how many of you are going to rush over to Starbucks to buy a song? You will, however, be able to buy songs that you hear in a Starbucks store with one click, making it easier to pick up a new Starbucks track while in line for you're $4 coffee. One day, we might all look back at a time when Starbucks only sold the coffee experience, before they became the biggest music label in the world.



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