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Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman : Night Falls Over Kortedala  

Written by: Christy Mannering

Secretly Canadian has been whispering in our ears about Jens Lekman's new album, Night Falls Over Kortedala, for quite some time now. Though the record doesn't officially release worldwide until October 9, 2007. Those lucky enough to live in his home country of Sweden will have already seen the album on shelves as the release date there was September 5, 2007. It has been three years since Lekman's last release in 2004, When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog, so the new one is greatly anticipated.

Night Falls Over Kortedala is the second full length release for Jens Lekman. He claims the record is a collection of songs he has been recording over the last three years since his debut launched. Kortedala is a place located in the north-eastern part of Gothenburg in western Sweden where Lekman is from. The area is supposed to be quaint and peaceful, one of those "Leave It to Beaver" environments; where everyone's lawn is equally green. So it's not surprising that most of the material he sings about is related to girls, romance, kissing and other bits of sweetness. Can’t you just picture Ward asking June, “Do you hear the vinyl cracking on the turn table dear?”

Though many tracks out on the indie airwaves these days are bleak and forlorn, Jens Lekman's lyrics and music would taste like sugar crystals and gum drops if you could take a bite out of them. I kid you not, if you're looking for some feel good music this is the album to buy, it is (for the most part) audible sunshine. Even during the song that is written about a job that sucked, Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo you just want to hum and bounce around while you listen and relate.

Perhaps it is because I'm a fool for hand claps in songs, or maybe I actually like the simplicity of his guitar riffs, Jens Lekman doesn't write his music to show off his years of finger exercise and practice. No, he writes music strictly because it's his passion and he wants to fill the world with something pleasing.

And I Remember Every Kiss includes sampled music from violinist Enoch Light. The strings, in addition to Lekman's typical bouts of horns and extra percussion, are the perfect addition to this track. He sings of kisses comparable to the heat of the sun. It is obvious the guy was a big teddy bear with googley eyes during his first love.

Any fan of indie pop would be an instant fan of everything that is Jens Lekman. But then again, any fan of music that nearly lifts you up off the metaphorical dance floor will appreciate Lekman's material; Night Falls Over Kortedala is the anthem for all those that like to feel light on their toes.

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