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Moby Offers Free Music For Filmmakers with MobyGratis


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Moby wants to help the independent filmmakers out there by giving them good music to drop in behind the scenes of their projects. He's introduced the concept of MobyGratis, which is a free library of music available for use in film and video.

The always forward-looking Moby once made all of his music available for licensing for big-budget films and TV, and saw a lot of money float his way as his music was snatched up for big Hollywood films like The Beach. Before that, most artists only made a few of their songs available for that kind of licensing. Moby saw the potential and rolled with it. As a result, he became a very well-known artist without the support of radio airplay... everywhere you went you'd hear Moby tracks (at the mall, in TV shows, in a film, etc)

Now in the Internet age of sharing the rights of usage, Moby has seen the potential of offering a free library of music--free publicity for him and free music for people making movies. It's a nice tradeoff. As long as the project is a non-profit enterprise, the music on MobyGratis is free. For-profit projects will get a simple license to define the use of the music and payment.

"I have had friends and acquaintances in the worlds of indie, experimental and non-profit film. Their biggest complaint has been that licensing music for low-budget films is almost always incredibly difficult. With that in mind I started MobyGratis. The goal is to provide free music for independent, experimental, and non-profit filmmakers. I hope that somehow this will enable filmmakers to spend their time making films and not calling up record companies trying to license music," said Moby.

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