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Warner Music Gets With the Program, Drops DRM

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Warner Music will now be joining the 21st century and dropping the DRM, or digital rights management, on its music by offering its catalog for sale on the Amazon MP3 store.


It's a hallmark move for Warner Music Group, who once said it would never abandon DRM from its music. In a battle to fight Apple's dominance of the digital music scene, Warner has joined Universal Music Group and EMI in putting their tracks on sale at the Amazon MP3 store.


Amazon sells unprotected MP3 files, which are without any controls over copying. Major labels are looking for ways to offer their catalog for sale through downloads in a way that doesn't include iTunes. Amazon seems to be the current favorite for most major labels, with the exclusion of Sony, who still has yet to offer music for sale in an unprotected format like MP3.


A press release from Amazon states that "... WMG's digital audio catalog will be available for purchase and download from Amazon MP3. In addition, Amazon and WMG will make available to consumers digital music products such as album bundles containing exclusive tracks."


Take that, Apple!

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