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Sony Drops DRM, People In Hell Buy Winter Coats

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Hell might be headed for a big cool down as Sony will drop the digital rights management from its downloaded music sales. Sony is joining the Amazon MP3 club, an al fresco offering that drops a copyright-protection scheme in favor of selling MP3 files. The news was released through BusinessWeek's story earlier this week .


After last week's news about the declining sales of physical CDs , I guess it comes as no surprise that last of the big heavies is dropping the DRM from it's online music offering. Sony is quickly following on the heels of Warner Music Group in seeing the handwriting on the wall , or maybe it was just inevitable.


There's fairly broad consensus that this is part of a move against the lock that Steve Jobs and Apple have had on the download game for a long time, and Amazon has a pretty good counterpart to iTunes. There's also a lot of talk that although the move might weaken iTunes, it won't hurt iPod sales. It will probably sell more in the long run, which is what iTunes is all about anyway, right?


Details are due to come out in the oncoming days / weeks as to how much of Sony's catalog will go on sale through Amazon, and whether or not they'll allow iTunes to sell unprotected versions of their music as well.

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