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Amazon MP3
Amazon Might Offer MP3s with Variable Pricing

By: Spacelab Research Staff

The AmazonMP3 store might be moving towards pricing their MP3 song downloads at different prices based on each songs value, Businessweek has said. It's those dangerous words that dare not speak their name in the Apple iTunes world ... varible song pricing.


"While most songs now sell for 89¢ on Amazon, sources say, the record companies have the ability to vary what they charge the site—with two weeks' notice—in an arrangement similar to the wholesale rate card they offer bricks-and-mortar retailers," said Businessweek in the article.


We should be clear here, there's no huge announcement or press release or anything, just an analysis that says although they can set different prices, the right conditions exist to allow Amazon to also go over the 89¢ mark.


And why not? The AmazonMP3 store has quickly jumped to be a top retailer of music downloads, and with their lifting of the DRM veil, they offer what nobody else does right now ... the combination of DRM-free MP3s sold through a huge retailer with a good recomendation engine that can actually compete with Apple.


So DRM-free could actually cost more if it gives you more options to move it around on any MP3 player or computer or CD.


Giving iTunes a run for their money, Amazon launched their Amazon MP3 store, and although they didn't get the near-hysteria that surrounds an Apple release, it was well received.

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