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Yahoo! Looks to Revive Flatlining Music Service

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Yahoo! is looking to revive it's underwhelming music service with a new jolt of DRM-free action, Associated Press has reported. Yahoo! is in the early rounds of talks with the major labels to offer either MP3 downloads for sale, or an ad-supported streaming service. How about both?


Yahoo! is hoping to launch the new service this year, but time will tell. Corporate boheomeths don't move fast, and whatever they agree to will take time to build. It's obvious at this point though that Yahoo! sees itself losing ground against recent new projects by Last.FM , and the news about Amazon going global with its MP3 store. Times-a-wastin'!


Yahoo! representative Carrie Davis told the Associated Press that there were ongoing talks with major labels to offer music without copy protection, but nothing is near completion in terms of an agreement.

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