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imeem Buys Anywhere.FM Because They're Everywhere imeem Wants to Be

By: Spacelab Research Staff

This could be the beginning of the great music industry battles of 2008. Social media network (and all around player, in all meanings of the word) Imeem has announced that it will buy Anywhere.FM, a San Francisco-based Internet media service.


Anywhere.FM is a music player that lets consumers upload their music, video, art etc to listen/view it and share it with others. In other words, put your music in a centrally-based Internet location, listen from home or at work or in the car, and let your friends do the same. Get it? You get to listen anywhere.


The timing is mighty strange though, fresh on the heels of last week's announcement that Last.FM had reached a streaming agreement with all four of the major music labels. Not that they rushed together a purchase over the weekend, mind you, but launched a PR strategy about a deal that was already in the works to counter Last.FM's announcement. The competition is getting thick, and I'm sure we'll see a lot of services start this year only to fold or get bought out later.


Maybe this is apart of an imeem strategy to look better for a buyer at a later time. Maybe it's imeem strengthening its hand for the long haul, time will tell. The news release said it was a "strategic acquisition," maybe meaning that they bought Anywhere.FM because of what or who they get along with that purchase. Programming talent? Marketing minds? Technology?


Anywhere.FM makes it simple for consumers to bring their music to the Web and discover new artists through recommendations and social connections,” said Dalton Caldwell, founder and CEO of imeem. “That’s a great fit with what we do. Combining Anywhere.FM’s expertise with the reach and scope of the imeem community creates some truly exciting possibilities, and we’re psyched they’re joining our team.”

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