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Brian Jonestown Massacre Label to Release New Music by The Quarter After

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Somewhere right now, Anton Newcomb is laughing. He's laughing because he's plodded on while being made fun of, used, and sought after. Now he's turned the tables and wants to become the Quincy Jones of the underground jet set.


Anton started his own label imprint called The Committee to Keep Music Evil under the Bomp Records label as a way to preserve ownership of the Brian Jonestown Massacre catalogue, and "to record new bands which we will be producing from time to time, while pursuing the goal of making the world unsafe for rock and roll," as stated on information page at Bomp Records web site. We all need goals, and Anton obviously has his.


So with that, The Committee to Keep Music Evil will soon release new music by The Quarter After. TQA is a band backed by Robert Campanella and Dominic Campanella (among many others). You may know Robert from his work with The Black Angels and Mia Doi Todd; he's also apparently done some work on the upcoming Dead Meadow album.


The Quarter After fits into the post-BJM mold of sunny California-influenced sounds channeled through dark forces to get twisted into a vision of the 60's transfixed through mysticism and time and space. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? If so, check out The Quarter After when they release their new album Changes Near on March 18th.

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