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Tickley Feather
Tickley Feather Signs
to Paw Tracks

By: Spacelab Research Staff

The latest addition to the Paw Tracks family is Tickley Feather, the project name of Annie Sachs. She creates saccharin-reverb music as a four tracking goddess of low-cost electronics, improvising in sound and songwriting styles.


Her self-titled album will hit the light of day on April 29, 2008. Check out the MP3 of Tonight Is the Night below, it's got this circular sort of repetition and minimal melody but still provides an air of craziness as the echoey vocals float in and out.

MP3: Tickley Feather


Tickley Feather Track List:
01. “I’ve got magic inside my bones somewhere”
02. Ooooo
03. Buttshot
04. The Python
05. Fancy Walking
06. “There’s this magic spell right inside your bones”
07. Noisey Dingle
08. Nothing 2 B sad about
09. Le Daylight
10. 1978 fast/xylophone/leaking roof
11. Night Chant
12. Keyboards is Drunk
13. Sorry Party
14. Night Train
15. Rain Bucket
16. Tonight is the Nite
17. Lookout What’s Next
18. Convention
19. “The Bone hits it with a drumstick and then your skin has a switch”
20. “I’m Magic”/ Bathtime

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