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Black Francis
Back in Black: Black Francis Returns With New Music

By: Spacelab Research Staff

All the Pixies and Frank Black peeps can rejoice around the fact that Black Francis, a past psuedonymn of his, has returned with a new EP titled Svn Fngrs. It's time to get back in black!


"It was written, recorded and mixed in six days, and on the seventh day, Mark Lemhouse did artwork," said Mr. Francis about the release. Maybe he's metaphorically comparing it to God's creation of the earth? Black Francis created the music in six days ... and on the seventh day he rested. All hail Black Francis!


The EP comes out on Cooking Vinyl on March 4th, but you can get some advance music from his MySpace (see below).


So why the return to the old name? To hear him tell it: "I never thought I’d go back to the old stage name, although I secretly missed it. I never thought I’d go back to the old band [Pixies], although I discovered during a reunion tour years later that I missed them, too. But these things are bittersweet, and all of the rekindled foreplay of performing the old BLACK FRANCIS songs never warmed to the full coitus of a reunion LP."


"I privately went back to the old stage name, if that even makes any sense, almost as a joke. I couldn’t get The Pixies back into a studio, but I would transform into my alter ego of yesteryear."


Lucky for us, as some of the magic can now be streamed (and even downloaded as a few MP3's) from his Black Francis MySpace.


In other news, he's also working with David J of Love and Rockets and Bahaus (not to underscore the work he's done as David J) on a new project called Grand Duchy. David J is doing is doing some mixing and the title of the album is Petit Fours. More to come ...

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