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New Nine Inch Nails Release 'Ghosts' Creates Soundtracks
for Your Mind

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Industrialheads and general Nine Inch Nails fans can rejoice that the first major release of of the post-major-label-era has been thrust upon us with little warning and with great fanfare. Trent doesn't mess around.


With the title of Ghosts I-IV, we have been offered four volumes of instrumental tracks, in various packages of different prices. No matter what your level of engagement, you can get your NIN on at your own level of comfort.


This was to be the experiment that led to Ghosts: Trent got with Alan Moulder and Atticus Ross last year to impulsively create music over a ten week period. They brought in Alessandro Cortini, Adrian Belew and Brian Viglione, and as a collective they created daydream soundtracks for your mind.


With no major label tie downs like deadlines and corporate structure (the return of art!), they set out upon their experiment with the freedom to let it happen as it may. The only constraint they placed on themselves was to wrap it all up in 10 weeks, so as to not wander into the dreaded over masaging territory.


But why let the experiment end there? Ghosts is available in multi-tiered formats, based on how much you want to spend.


You can get it in the now patented free download to the full-on limited edition ultra-deluxe package complete with giclee prints and vinyl and CD's and hardcover book and download.Check out the details below:


Part of the the overall collection for free, but not all of the tracks. Includes 40 page PDF booklet, plus various images to represent yourself online.


Same as the free download, but you get all 36 tracks. This is also what you can buy at Amazon.


$10 2XCD SET
2 CD set with all of the music, a 16 page book, and the ability to get all of the goods in the $5 download for no extra money, so you can lsiten right away. The Cds come out on April 8th in North America and Europe, April 5th for Australia and Japan.


2 CDs, 1 DVD of .WAV files for you get get remix groove on with, and a DVD with slide show to listen and watch at the same time ... video wallpaper. Of course you can download right away with this one and you get a hardcover book with art from Phillip Graybill and Rob Sheridan.


OK, you REALLY like Nine Inch Nails to get this one. Everything in the deluxe package, plus a 4XLP 180-gram vinyl set, a fabric slip cover, 2 giclee prints, and of corse, the immediate download.

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