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Dandy Warhols
Dandy Warhols Form Their Own Recording Label

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Add the Dandy Warhols to the long list of bands shaping up their own future when it comes to how they release albums. The band has completed a deal with World's Fair Group to create their own imprint called Beat The World.

Under the deal, the Dandy Warhols will release their own material, including a new album set for release later this year. It will be the first full length release from the band since Odditorium or the Warlords of Mars in 2005.

"We started to get really frustrated with Capitol. Our records were recouping and making money for them because of all the licensing, but they weren't promoting us or paying attention," Peter Holmstrom told Billboard. Eventually the band was dropped by Capitol, which left them open to choose a new path.

"We were upset for about a week, and then we were overjoyed." Beat the World will let the Dandys maintain control over their work and make money directly off of sales, while World's Fair Group will take a minor part of the licensing.

"We've been functioning on our own as a band for a long time. With World's Fair, they can provide all the business stuff that we need without any of the nonsense of a major. It's great, although it's a little scary, because if we screw this up, we have no one to blame but ourselves," Holmstromm said.

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