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Study: Online Radio Is Growing


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Edison Media Research and Arbitron have teamed up on a study of online radio and come up with thsome interesting conclusions. The study, titled Infinite Dial 2008: Radio's Digital Platforms, concluded that online radios is growing and its listeners are likely to be users of some kind of social networking platform.


"We found that online radio listeners are more than one and half times more likely to have a profile on a social networking site as compared to average Americans and that they tend to be power-users with one-third of online radio listeners logging on to their social networking site nearly every day or even multiple times per day," said Arbitron Senior Analyst Diane Williams.


The study will be released in April, but some key findings have been released ahead of the planned release. According to the results, 33 million Americans listen to online radio on a weekly basis. That's up 4 million people from a year ago. Also included in the study:


• Thirteen percent of Americans age 12 or older (an estimated 33 million people) listened to online radio in the past week


* While nearly one-quarter (24%) of all Americans age 12 or older have a profile on a social networking Web site, nearly two-thirds (63%) of online radio listeners have a social networking profile


* One-third of online radio listeners with a social network profile visit their social networking site nearly every day or several times per day


* The top social networking Web sites among online radio listeners are MySpace (28% of online radio listeners) and Linked-In (24% of online radio listeners)

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