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Billy Bragg Talks Royalties In the Modern Age


By: Spacelab Research Staff

In a recent op/ed piece in the New York Times, Billy Bragg has brought up an ongoing issue on today's Internets: where does the payment situation end up for artists when their music is continuously used as the content that drives people towards music and social networking sites?


"Technology is advancing far too quickly for the old safeguards of intellectual property rights to keep up, and while we wait for the technical fixes to emerge, those of us who want to explore the opportunities the Internet offers need to establish a set of ground rules that give us the power to decide how our music is exploited and by whom," said Billy in his piece.


Welcome to the Wild Wild West known as the World Wide Web. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act now seems more outdated than the Kyoto Protocol, and hanging in the balance is the future payment for musicians, labels, web sites, and advertisers.


He went on to say "The claim that sites such as MySpace and Bebo are doing us a favor by promoting our work is disingenuous. Radio stations also promote our work, but they pay us a royalty that recognizes our contribution to their business. Why should that not apply to the Internet, too?"


Discuss - Getting PAID: How Can Artists get Paid When Their Music Is Used Online?

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