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Wilderness Play at Whitney Biennial 2008, Collaborate with Artist Charles Long


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Jagjaguwar band Wilderness have just finished a collboration with artist Charles Long, in which they combined to kick off the Whitney Biennial. The video above was captured at the event.


You may remember Charles Long from his collaboration with Stereolab for The Amorphous Body Study Center, a green glob-like sculpture that emenates the music of Stereolab, which now lives a the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.


Although they sound very British at times, the band is actually from Baltimore, Maryland. They draw influence from bands like Joy Division, P.I.L., and the Fall in a way that extends the sounds and ideas those bands approached in the way Wilderness saw fit to make them happen. It's more of a visceral cutting to the bone, more immediate. They'll be releasing a new album sometime this summer.

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