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Mudhoney To Release Superfuzz Bigmuff: Deluxe Edition


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Mudhoney were the epicenter of the Seattle movement, proginators of fuzzed out sound that was characteristic in bands like Nirvana, The Melvins and Soundgarden.


Although the didn't gain the same level of international appeal that some of the other bands did, Mudhoney always stayed true to form and kept making music. This May sees the band continuing that with the release of their new album The Lucky Ones on May 20th. But there's more.


They'll also repackage their classic Superfuzz Bigmuff as a deluxe edition aptly titled Superfuzz Bigmuff: Deluxe Edition. It includes all of the original songs with the requisite demos, live songs, and alternate tracks that you see in repackaged editions. More Mudhoney for your money!


Jay Hinman writes in the liner notes “My feeling—and I know I’m not alone in this one—is that for all the play and worldwide attention several Seattle-area bands got during the 1988-92 period, at the end of the day (and even at the time), there was Mudhoney—and then there was everybody else. To me, you, and most everyone who was paying close attention to underground rock music during those years, Mudhoney still sound like the undisputed kingpins of roaring, surging, fuzzed-out, punk rock music."


Check out the stream below for a taste of what's to come.


STREAM: Mudhoney


Mudhoney: Superfuzz Bigmuff: Deluxe Edition
01. Touch Me I'm Sick
02. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
03. Twenty Four
04. Need
05. Chain That Door
06. Mudride
07. No One Has
08. If I Think
09. In 'n' Out of Grace
10. The Rose
11. Hate the Police
12. You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face)
13. Burn It Clean
14. Halloween
15. Need (demo)
16. Mudride (demo)
17. In 'n' Out of Grace (demo)
18. No One Has (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
19. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
20. Need (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
21. Chain That Door (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
22. If I Think (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
23. Mudride (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
24. Here Comes Sickness (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
25. Touch Me I'm Sick (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
26. In 'n' Out of Grace (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
27. Mudride (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
28. Here Comes Sickness (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
29. No One Has (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
30. By Her Own Hand (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
31. Touch Me I'm Sick (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
32. Dead Love (live at KCSB 11/16/88)

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