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MySpace Music Is Close to Making an Announcement


By: Corey Tate

The much vaunted MySpace Music service might be close to becoming a reality with the news that MySpace is close to hatching the deal. They're working with three out of four of the three big heavies ... so which one of these kids is doing their own thing? EMI is likely to not be in the running yet, but Sony BMG Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music are all part of the initial MySpace Music launch. Even Vivendi is supposed to be in on the deal.


"It's really creating a robust monetization component to MySpace and having a focused music effort that could be the MTV of a new generation," said an anonymous music industry executive when speaking to Reuters.


I'm not sure what the relevancy of being the MTV of a new generation means in a horizontal landscape of web happenings, as opposed to the top-down media days (or daze) of when MTV mattered, but I like Mr. anonymous guy's optimism.


The big fight club used to be between Amazon MP3 and iTunes, but now the emergence of MySpace Music as an online destination / social network / music store / Newscorp revenue generator is sure to upset the balance of online music sales.

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