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RIAA Gets Defensive Over Tactics


By: Spacelab Research Staff

You know the gravity is starting to shift when publications like Businessweek publish articles that speak with disdain about the tactics of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and talk about an underdog who seems to be winning her fight against the RIAA.


Tanya Andersen was served papers for "copyright infringement because she had shared their music with others over the Net," according tothe story.


At stake is the way that the RIAA and its affiliates went about collecting information on people and served them papers for copyright infringement. This could change everything.


"Still, Andersen's case is very much alive. Lybeck plans to file another amended complaint by May 1, including the charges of conspiracy, negligence, and abuse of the legal process. Shortly thereafter, he plans to start deposing officials from the RIAA and its affiliates in preparation for a jury trial. "The trick to making this case stick will depend on to what extent Andersen can show that the RIAA engaged in serial bad-faith lawsuits," says Richard C. Vasquez, a partner in Seattle at Morgan Miller Blair who is not involved in the dispute," reads a paragraph from the Businessweek article.

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