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Asthmatic Kitty and the Lucky 7:
7 New Acts Signed


By: Spacelab Research Staff


Indie Pop label Asthmatic Kitty has signed a lucky seven artists to deals. Perhaps they've been listening to all of the financial chatter about the economic downturn? It's time to invest, people! Maybe Asthmatic Kitty is sitting on piles of cash like a lot of the major corporations in the U.S., just looking for opportunities. Who knew? It's always the ones you least expect.


More importantly, they've put all of the acts together on a sampler, packaged it up for Internet consumption, and have decided to release it for FREE.


Here's what the label had to say, "We have not added any new artists in a while, but we are making up for lost time by announcing not just one addition, but seven new artists, including six diverse musical acts and a visual artist. Ermasse Zopoula, DM Stith, Welcome Wagon, I Heart Lung, Shannon Stephens, Osso, and illustrator Laura Park will all be added to the roster. To showcase these new artists, we are releasing a free sampler album with one piece of work from each of the new signings."


 DOWNLOAD: Asthmatic Kitty Sampler


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