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Mint Records Signs Hot Panda


By: Spacelab Research Staff


Screaming out of Edmonton is the hot new band Hot Panda. Their momentum is unstoppable, proven by their recent signing to Mint Records. They've been working in Winnipeg on a new album that will be released later this year.


With a curious name like Hot Panda, you have to wonder what's lurking under the hood. What does it mean? Is it intended to be a come on, i.e. "You're Panda looks so HOT," or is it more of a commentary on the well being of the animal ... again with "You're Panda looks hot, maybe we should get it some water?"


It turns out the band's sound is as hard to define. "When you get compared, in the same breath, to everything from Daniel Johnson to the Talking Heads, you know you have a sound that's hard to pin down," reads the Mint Records web site.


 STREAM: Hot Panda

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