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Annuals Label - Collective
Goes National


By: Spacelab Research Staff


North Carolina indie pop experimentalists Annuals have nationally launched their label/collective Terpsikhore.

The collective started in 2003 with JK Horne, as a way to release music from the local Raleigh music scene. He met Adam Baker, Kenny Florence, and Mike Robinson later and recorded their music. Blind ambition and the desire to create a music collective grew over time, and Terpsikhore signed a few bands.

Cut to today, and the collective is launching a national effort to be an independent label with national stature. They're currently releasing albums from What Laura Says (out of Tempe, Arizona) and Sunfold (Annuals guitarist/vocalist Kenny Florence).

 MP3: Sunfold's - Sara the American Winter


 STREAM: What Laura Says


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