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Napster Joins the MP3 Club


By: Spacelab Research Staff


Napster has decided that it's high time to get back into the MP3 game with their new MP3 store. 6 million tracks of freedom without digital rights management (no hassles). Maybe they could call it Naked Napster.


Napster launched its MP3 service in a direct challenge of iTunes and Amazon MP3. This will be Napster's foray into DRM-free music, and they're late to the party (although not fashionably) ... Napster might have seen the handwriting on the wall of a rapidly evolving game. The songs will play on your MP3 player, regardless of what kind you have, and you can also make CDs and copy the music as many times as you want.


They claim that the Napster store is "50% larger than any other MP3 store and boasts not only the largest major label MP3 catalog in the industry, but also the largest library of independent music available anywhere." Pricing will stay at 99 cents for single MP3 tracks and $9.95 for most MP3 albums.


Napster will maintain their subscription model as well as the FreeNapster service in addition the new MP3 store. Any tracks that have been locked down with DRM will continue to play and Napster has not announced any plans to discontinue that part of their service.

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