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The Stills

The Stills Drop the Word On
New Album Oceans Will Rise, Release Free Tracks


By: Spacelab Research Staff

The Stills have decided to stop standing still and move forward with a new album. It's titled Oceans Will Rise (doomingly prophetic?) and was recorded and produced by Gus Van Go with Werner F.


It will be the band's third full-length release and follows Without Feathers in 2006.


The Stills are excited about the band's new direction and sound, with Tim Fletcher saying "We’ve never felt such a raw energy of inspiration before. We’ve never felt more driven collectively as a band as we do right now and I think you can feel that throughout the album."


The band waxes headily about the subtext of the album, saying "It is about the world we have seen and been through in the past several years, and all the beautiful, painful, wasted, joyful, smeared-sky, sick blissful wandering it has led us on, on the trail of some prey, on the brink of something huge, tiny and helpless, all you can feel is the whole universe shaking to its limit just that tiny bit more every split-split trillisecond, you can almost hear it happening in tiny detail if you hold your breath in long enough, little cracks and ancient glacier ice-whining."


They've also put out two singles for free to start with the promise of a video release later in June.


Oceans Will Rise will be released on August 19th via Arts&Crafts.


 MP3: The Stills - Being Here


 MP3: The Stills - Rooibos / Palm Wine Drinkard

The Stills: Oceans Will Rise Track List
01 Don’t Talk Down
02 Snow In California
03 Snakecharming The Masses
04 Being Here
05 Everything I Build
06 Panic
07 Eastern Europe
08 Hands On Fire
09 Dinosaurs
10 I’m With You
11 Rooibos / Palm Wine Drinkard
12 Statue Of Sirens

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