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MySpace Redesign Lands Today


By: Spacelab Research Staff

MySpace is set to launch a series of major upgrades this week, instituting a major shake-down and rethinking of how to apply the MySpace of yore to the web space of today (and tomorrow).


They've taken a look at all things MySpace, and decided to fix navigation, profile editor, search, and the media player which used for all of the videos and music. They're affectionately calling it MySpace 2.0.


MySpace collaborated with Adaptive Path, based in San Francisco, on the new design and information architecture for the site.


They've decided to reduce the sprawl of categories in to a more unified group: Mail, Profile, Friends, Music, MySpace TV and the open-ended "More" button (which will act like the rabbit hole in Alice n Wonderland ... how deep will it go). This is intended to fix what was a seriously out of control toolbar with an out of control bunch of items to click on.


MySpace Search has also taken a good step forward with the use of Lucene, and open-source search engine. They obviously want to ditch Google because of competition, and Lucene will give MySpace a chance to craft a search based on their own needs.


Other cool news includes (I can't believe I'm giving MySpace props, I never thought this day would happen) updated video quality. The MySpace TV player steps up to Flash 9, with the ability to use Hi-Def and full screen video. Now you can sit back and watch without having to deal with fuzzy, blurry, pixelated video.


All of this supposed to go down on Monday, June 16th, to be followed by a relaunch of the home page on Wednesday the 18th.


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