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Mercury Rev

Mercury Rev To Blast Back With Two Albums This Fall


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Mercury Rev is blasting back into the collective consciousness this year with the news of not one, but two albums to be released this Fall. The first album will be a traditional release, the second one's free.


Snowflake Midnight will be released on September 29th, 9 songs with the crusts cut off, available in stores and online. On the same day however, they'll release the free album Strange Attractor as an MP3 version. The only cost will be to sign up for the band's mailing list.


The last offering from the band was The Secret Migration in 2005. By all accounts from the band, Snowflake Midnight will be an evolutionary step down the same path.


"The entire album sequence appears to be a resplendent fractal, folding in upon itself, into something continually new, unpredictable and spontaneous, and yet, paradoxically at times so subtly self-aware, never failing to resemble itself in the whole... " reads the announcement on the band's web site. What a trip it will be.


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Mercury Rev Snowflake Midnight Track List
01 - Snowflake in a Hot World
02 - Butterfly's Wing
03 - Senses on Fire
04 - People Are So Unpredictable (There's No Bliss Like Home)
05 - October Sunshine
06 - Runaway Raindrop
07 - Dream of a Young Girl as a Flower
08 - Faraway From Cars
09 - A Squirrel and I (Holding On... and Then Letting Go)

Mercury Rev Strange Attractor Track List
01 - Love Is Pure
02 - Taken up Into Clouds, Changed and Rained Down
03 - Pure Joie De La Solitude
04 - Persistence and the Apis Mellifera
05 - Fable of a Silver Moon
06 - Loop Lisse, Loop
07 - In My Heart, a Strange Attractor
08 - Incident on Abeel Street
09 - Af Den Fader Kommer Den Sol
10 - Because Because Because
11 - Nocturne for Norwood


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