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Grinderman to Grind Out Another Album This Year


By: Spacelab Research Staff

With the whole Bad Seeds tour over with, Nick Cave and the boys are set to have at another album this year, this time as the Grinderman project.


In a conversation with XFM, he said ""There's a lot of work around the Grinderman project that we wanna do in a more serious way this time," explained Cave. "The thing about Grinderman was that we just threw out the [debut] record and we made it very quickly. We wondered about it's affect on us and it was hugely important on The Bad Seeds."


It seems that the band really likes the idea of Grinderman as an alter-ego of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but with more artisitic freedom to open up. If the whole thing goes up in flames, they can just move on.


"The thing that Grinderman will remain committed to is that it doesn't matter; if the whole thing goes belly-up and if people really hate it then we don't care because we have the Bad Seeds anyway so that gives us an enormous amount of freedom to go and spend three months in Bulgaria or something."


Click here to play VIDEO: Grinderman - Treacle Sessions (Live)



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