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Irmin Schmidt & Kumo

Irmin Schmidt & Kumo:
Decidedly German (and Funky)


By: Spacelab Research Staff

You once knew Irmin Schmidt as a member of legendary avant innovators Can, but he's returned to form with Jono Podmore for a new project coming out in July. Working under the name Irmin Schmidt & Kumo , they'll release the album Axolotl Eyes on July 22nd via Mute Records in North America.

The music is decidedly German-influenced electronic experimentation, but boils with a warmth and subtlety found only in seasoned composers. Bass lines gurgle with a liveliness not commonly found in electronic music, and verses flow like a group performing live songs rather than cut-and-paste studio trickery. The result is extremely listenable and completely funky.

The album represents an evolution of the Can methodology of extended improvisation, followed by tedious editing.

“I went off to a small studio in Cologne and created the seeds that we could develop together. We then distilled the ensuing hours of material into seven songs,” said Kumo.

There's also a DVD of the sound installation Flies, Guys, and Choirs, in 5.1 surround sound.

They're offering a free download of the Semiotecs remix of Umbilicus Clear on their MySpace, and the video for Kick On the Floods is available at the link below.

Irmin Schmidt and Kumo perform the song "Kick On the Floods", off of the album Axolotl Eyes.


Click here to play VIDEO: Irmin Schmidt & Kumo


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