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Minotaur Shock Blasts Back With Amateur Dramatics In August


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Good news for anyone into choppy, electronic music akin to trip-hop or the kind of free-form experiments Four Tet has been conducting over the last few years. Minotaur Shock, a.k.a. David Edwards, is back on August 11th with Amateur Dramatics, a new full length album of organic stylings and warm rhythms. But there's so much going on right now my impulsive reader, so much more...

Recording label 4AD has just released an MP3 for the track My Burr , a lively workout of syncopated beats and keyboards with a string arrangement laid over the top. It convalesces from the string section to rhythmic breakdowns, then back to the string section, only to fuse the strings and the breakdowns into one seamless blend.

The ideas that went into Amateur Dramatics are far-reaching, as stated by Mr. Edwards himself: "It was influenced by many things, notably Fleetwood Mac, Detroit techno, Frank Zappa, Cluster, Andrew Poppy, Bowie, Italo house, Glass/Reich, Gentle Giant, and Todd Rundgren." He's an equal opportunity influencee.

4AD is saying that "it will be made available to buy exclusively as a digital release but with a difference." I can't wait to see what the difference is between that and other download purchases, but time will tell.

Amateur Dramatics is Minotaur Shock's second full-length release for 4AD and third full-length overall.


Click here to play MP3: Minotaur Shock - My Burr


Minotaur Shock: Amateur Dramatics Track List
01 Zookeeper
02 Am Dram
03 This Plane Is Going To Fall
04 Accelerated Footage
05 Jason Forrest
06 Two Magpies
07 My Burr
09 Snapdragon
10 Buzzards
11 Beekeeper


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