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Dressy Bessy

Pushing Forward and Being
Truly Dressy Bessy


By: Christy Mannering

Maybe it sounds like one of those online games kids (and writers, a-hem) have been playing these days, or maybe it sounds like those hand clapping games we used to play out on the school yard. Whatever the nostalgia or reason for being intrigued by Dressy Bessy, the fact of the matter is they are a fantastic indie rock band.

From Denver, Colorado, Dressy Bessy is a band you need to know about, but may have not heard of before, despite many albums. They'll be release their fourth LP, Holler And Stomp, on September 30, courtesy of Transdreamer Records, and yes there will be a Fall tour.

Everyone from NPR and Daytrotter to Rolling Stone have their two cents reporting in to gush over the band and their unappreciated successes. The new album will settle the group back into their grass roots origin and some wicked good tunes.



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Holler And Stomp Track List
1. Automatic
2. Do You Whisper
3. Dressed The part
4. Ease Me Down
5. Simple Girlz
6. In Your Headphones
7. Left To The Right
8. Anyone Can See
9. Pretty Pleaze
10. Ten Million Stars
11. Shoot, I Love You
12. Roundabout
13. Sindy Says

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