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Photo by: Jason

Lackthereof: When Your Real Project Becomes a Side Project


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Menomena drummer Danny Seim is gearing up for a release with his side project Lackthereof. It will be the ninth release for the furiously prolific project (and prolific Mr. Seim), something that gives him the creative flexibility he wants outside of his "day job" with Menomena.


Ironically, Lackthereof was Danny's real intent as a musician. He joined Menomena as a side project, but it eventually grew wings of its own took "because Seim felt less self-conscious as a drummer than as a singer-songwriter," according to Barsuk Records.


The album is titled Your Anchor, and will be released on July 22nd via Barsuk Records.


The song Last November is Barsuk's first free foray for Lackthereof, and provides a good head start on where the musical mind of Danny Seim is steamrolling these days.




Click to play MP3: Lackthereof - Last November


Click to play VIDEO: Lackthereof - Live



Lackthereof: Your Anchor Track List
01 Chest Pass
02 Fire Trial
03 Choir Practice
04 Doomed Elephants
05 Locked Upstairs
06 Last November
07 Ask Permission
08 You Can
09 Vacant Eyes
10 Fake Empire

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