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Oxford Collapse

Oxford Collapse Upgrade Their Sonic Aesthetics on BITS


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Fresh off of the release of their Hann-Byrd 12” for Comedy Minus One and Spike for Bensonhurst 7” for Flameshovel, Oxford Collapse are now staring down the release date of their next full-length album: BITS. It's due out on August 5th on Seattle's Sub Pop Records.

It's the fourth full-length release for the band, following 2006's Remember the Night Parties . It shows the boys walking further down the path of their musical existence, rounding out their sound with aesthetics as akin to No Age as they are to their previous influences of the SST label and 80's era American punk minimalism.

“The economy has been bad, so we decided to write more songs. Shorter ones, too, because we’ve never released a record without one really long track in there, and we didn’t think about doing that this time,” said guitarist and vocalist Michael Pace.

They recorded big parts of the album last year with Eric Emm at the Brothers Studios and Chad Matheny at various Brooklyn hot spots.

Spontaneity was key this time around, with improvising parts of the album in the studio becoming the key to transforming the idea they had come to know as Oxford Collapse.

“A lot of these songs didn’t have words. We were standing outside of the studio figuring out a lot of these lyrics right before we recorded them,” said Drummer Dan Fetherston.

Sub Pop has a new MP3 out for the song The Birthday Wars. It's the first sign of what's to come:



 Click to play MP3: Oxford Collapse - The Birthday Wars



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