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Deerhunter Microcastle Media Explosion


By: Spacelab Research Staff

It's a Deerhunter media explosion. Things have been (relatively) quiet on the Deerhunter front for a while now, but recently the band fired back with news of it' new album titled Microcastle, along with new song streams and a live video performance from Channel M in Manchester.


Microcastle is due out on October 28th, on Kranky in the U.S. and 4AD (Oct 27) for the rest of the world. Deerhunter goes global!


Lead Singer Branford Cox was good enough to pony up some media goods, including a demo of a new Deerhunter song titled Game of Diamonds and a live video performance of the band on Channel M's City Life Social. The video features the new songs Never Stops and Nothing Ever Happened.


Deerhunter recorded the album with Nicolas Verhes in Brooklyn at Rare Book Studios. It features guest vocals by Cole Alexander from the Black Lips and will also include Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt doing vocals on the tracks Agoraphobia, Neither of Us, and Uncertainly.


They've also been tapped to play on part of the Nine Inch Nails tour in August and September.


"... Another thing I've been doing while taking a break from the blog has been setting up the new Notown II in an old building downtown. We are practicing and writing new songs there. Here is a demo I made for a new Deerhunter song. This version is just me but it will be a Deerhunter song as soon as I see them tomorrow night at practice. Lockett is in Mexico. I bought the loudest amp possible," said Branford Cox in a recent web post.




Click to play  MP3: Deerhunter - Game of Diamonds


Click to play  VIDEO: Deerhunter Live on Channel M


Click to play  STREAM: Deerhunter - Never Stops


Click to play  STREAM: Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened




Deerhunter - Microcastle Track List
01 Cover Me (Slowly)
02 Agoraphobia
03 Never Stops
04 Little Kids
05 Microcastle
06 Calvary Scars
07 Green Jacket
08 Activa
09 Nothing Ever Happened
10 Saved by Old Times
11 Neither of Us, Uncertainly
12 Twilight at Carbon Lake

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