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XX Teens: This Is What an Exploding Head Sounds Like


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Imagine what it would sound like if your head was exploding with ideas all of the time. That's what the music of  XX Teens sounds like. Expansive indeed, their sound is a mash up of big beats, experimental sonification, political messages, and whatever else they're inspired to throw in at the time of creation.


They're releasing their debut full-length album, titled Welcome to Goon Island on September 30th, via Mute Records.


Check out their video for How To Reduce The Chances Of Being A Terror Victim to see the combination of elements. It's a comical look at the way we live today ... A climate of superficial fear and warning of attack set against cold war imagery and video of people preparing for chemical or biological onslaught, with gear that would probably do little to protect them from the real thing. A close study of the lyrics reveals that they're reading verbatim off of a set of instructions from FoxNews circa December 2003, in which they lay down the criteria for how to live your life in fear.


Two advance songs from the album have been made available by Mute: Darlin' and My Favorite Hat. You can download them for free at the link below:




Click to play  MP3: XX Teens


Click to play  VIDEO: XX Teens - How To Reduce The Chances Of Being A Terror Victim




XX Teens: Welcome to Goon Island Track List
01 The Way We Were
02 B-54
03 Round
04 Ba (Ba-Ba Ba)
05 Onkawara
06 (Reprise)
07 Only You
08 My Favourite Hat
09 Darlin’
10 Sun Comes Up
11 For Brian Haw

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