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Rafter and the Sweaty Magic:
More than Perspiration


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Following on the heels of the Music for Total Chickens and Sex Death Cassette releases, Rafter is back with another album titled Sweaty Magic. It will be released by Asthmatic Kitty Records on September 9th.


This one is a booty shaker, as put forth by the statement frmo the label ... "If you're not shaking your booty by the second track, you might want to look behind you to make sure it's still there."


It's an EP and was started with the idea of crerating things in rapid procession. Rafter wanted to create an art project a day. He set forth to create an entire song, from concept to recording. He teamed up with photographer Lizeth Santos to co-op the project. She created a photograph to go with each song.


Asthmatic Kitty has also published Rafter's nearly-pateneted method for creating each of his works, in recipe form:

Rafter's Recipes for Musical Bliss

Music for Total Chickens
1 heaping Tbsp experimental noize spazz
1 tbsp self-help literature
1 tsp beautifulosity

Sex Death Cassette
2 cups omnivorous music appreciation
1 handful of pop aspiration
4 tsp of caramelized ADD and tape hiss

Sweaty Magic
2 gallons Magic 92.5 San Diego's Old School
4 packages of dancing w/my hot girl @ the nightclub
Sprinkle of math metal




Click to play  MP3: Rafter - Magic



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