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The Go! Team

The Go! Team Launch a Free! Site


By: Spacelab Research Staff

If you're willing to give up a few personal details to The Go! Team, you can download all sorts of free goods from the band with their new Free Digital Stuff site. Don't worry about your privacy, embrace the new openess! It's the age of naked data! You give up more information by carrying your mobile phone around with you or getting on the Internet every day. Now that I've got you all spooked, you might need some Go! Team to calm down.


They're offering a new version of Milk Crisis off of the Get It Together EP alongside remixes of Ladyflash and Flashlight Fight with Chuck D. They'll be adding more demos, live performances and stuff over time. Stuff is always my favorite stand in word. There's such limitless potential when you think about all of the stuff that's coming down the line.


There's even song parts for you to remix, so you can launch your career as a big-time music producer. Just remember, it all started with The Go! Team, don't forget who gave you your start when you're famous...


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