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Martin Atkins

Martin Atkins Wants You
To Tour Smart


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Martin Atkins, purveyor and orchestrator of some of the finest industrial noise ever produced in America (Pigface, Killing Joke, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Invisible Records), wants you to tour smart. He's laid out a method and approach for bands to build their own DIY future in his new book Tour Smart.


He cites concepts like his five-pointed star approach to tour. Instead of playing a major city, you play five smaller areas that are hot spots outside of that city. Play those areas multiple times if you have to, build up a fan base outside the big city, and then later you start to move towards the big city with numbers of fans that will follow you into the city to see you at a bigger show. Brilliant!


He teaches the Business of Touring as a class at Columbia in Chicago.


NPR is running a couple of clips from the DVD that comes with his book, an interview with Andrea Seabrook, and 61 Strategies For A More Successful Show.


Click to play  VIDEO: Martin Atkins - Tour Smart


Click to play  INTERVIEW: Martin Atkins on NPR


Click to play  LIST: 61 Strategies For A More Successful Show


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