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Tobacco: Otherworldy, Spastic, Smooth


By: Spacelab Research Stuff

Imagine if Boards of Canada became spastic. They started listening to Black Moth Super Rainbow, inherited ADD, and became spastic, and then started making new music. That starts to describe how Tobacco's new album, Fucked Up Friends, sounds. And no, I won't spell it F**ked Up Friends, because you're not fooling anybody with those asterisks.


It's by no small coincidence that it sounds like Black Moth Super Rainbow, as Tobacco is a member of BMSR, doing this as an alternate project. The music is jerky and smooth, otherworldly but rooted in reality. The album will come out on October 14th via Anticon.


This is how Anticon describes him: "Tobacco's tools are analog synths, tape machines, and deformed incantations from throats unknown. His music is a wash of distortion and melody over jagged beats. It amalgamates hypnotic, cosmopolitan pop, gritty, propulsive hip-hop and a night full of fevered dreams. It buoys the spirit, braces the nerves, and smuggles disoriented paranoia deep into the subconscious. These are anxiously driven, effortlessly smooth and unapologetically badass sounds of inner nature."


There's DVD fun, too. Check out the video below for Hawker Boat.



Click to play MP3: Tobacco - Truck Sweat


Click to play VIDEO: Tobacco: Hawker Boat



Tobacco: Fucked Up Friends Track List
01 Street Trash
02 Truck Sweat
03 Hairy Candy
04 Hawker Boat
05 Side 8 (Big Gums Version)
06 Yum Yum Cult
07 Berries That Burn
08 Get My Nails Did
09 Dirt (Featuring Aesop Rock)
10 Gross Magik
11 Little Pink Riding Hood
12 Backwoods Altar
13 -
14 Tape Eater
15 Pink Goo
16 Grease Wizard

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