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Cotton Jones

Cotton Jones Gets With
Suicide Squeeze, Now with
Less Basket Ride Added


By: Spacelab Research Staff

The artist formerly known as Cotton Jones Basket Ride has subsequently changed his project name to Cotton Jones. I guess the basket ride is over with. The timing is apropos, though, because Cotton Jones (which is Michael Nau and songwriting partner Whitney McGraw) has signed on with Suicide Squeeze Records for the upcoming release of a new album.


It's titled Paranoid Coccoon, and is due out in January 2009. Two songs from the upcoming album are available via MySpace: Gone the Bells and Gotta Cheer Up.


There's also vague talk of an EP titled The Rio Ranger due out on the Quite Scientific label, but no details have been announced yet. You can check out a track from it at the MySpace also, which of course makes it your space too.


 STREAM: Cotton Jones


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