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Yo La Tengo
They're not afraid you

Score! Yo La Tengo to Compile Film Score Projects


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Matador Records and Yo La Tengo have decided that it's high time put Yo La Tengo's film score work on to a handy, all-in-one compilation. Titled They Shoot, We Score, it will feature 27 pieces of music with artwork from the films.


"Nearly an hour of instrumental music. 27 tracks — 26 of them previously unreleased. Eight-page booklet features posters from around the world. Four different front covers, one for each movie. Don’t collect them all, and don’t ask for a specific one — they will be sent out according to a random-number generator by our blindfolded mail-order crew," reads the announcement from Matador.


They Shoot, We Score is due out on September 5th via the Egon imprint.



Yo La Tengo: They Shoot, We Score Track List
Old Joy:
01 Leaving Home
02 Getting Lost
03 Path to Springs
04 Driving Home
05 Leaving Home (alternate version)
06 Old Joy: End Credits

07 Ashley
08 Meerkats
09 Madeline
10 A Roomful of Ladies (outtake)
11 David Wark
12 Aftermath (outtake)
13 George

Game 6:
14 This Could Be It
15 The Phantom Who Haunts Broadway
16 Game Time
17 Pharaoh Blues
18 Zoo Chant
19 Love Chant
20 Asbestos
21 Return of the Pharaoh
22 Spec Bebop
23 Buckner's Boner

24 Isolation Tank
25 Panic in Central Park (outtake)
26 Panic in Central Park
27 Wizard's Sleeve

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