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Squarepusher Wants to Give
You A Souvenir


By - Spacelab Research Staff

Squarepusher is back, ladies and gentlemen, and let me tell you, he has something for all of us. It's not quite a gift, it's really just more of a souvenir.


He'll be releasing his new album Just A Souvenir on Warp Records http://www.warprecords.com/ on October 27. Hopefully the title will be more self-depricating than actual truth, as I'd hate to see it turn into a "Somebody went to Warp Records and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"-type scenario.


But you can decide for yourself! There's an advance preview of the album streaming on the Warp Records MySpace as we speak, it's going on right now and you're missing out. Maybe you should go check it out?


There's also some live shows in the works, incluiding a stop All Tomorrows Parties Nightmare Before Christmas festival on December 12th.


 STREAM: Squarepusher - Delta V



Squarepusher: Just a Souvenir Track List
01 Star Time 2
02 The Coathanger
03 Open Society
04 A Real Woman
05 Delta-v
06 Aqueduct
07 Potential Govaner
08 Planet Gear
09 Tensor in Green
10 The Glass Road
11 Fluxgate
12 Duotone Moonbeam
13 Quadrature
14 Yes-Sequitur

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