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YACHT Signs on DFA with New EP, Album, Video


By - Spacelab Research Staff

Portland's Jona Bechtolt, better known to the world as YACHT, has signed on to the legendary DFA Records for the release of a new single and full length album. Jona has also trumpeted the arrival of a new member of the band with Claire L. Evans.


The EP, titled Summer Song, is available now on iTunes. The new album, titled See Mystery Lights will be available sometime next year. YACHT has also released a hilarious video with lots of subcontext in the form of mocking the music industry, and all the things an artist has to go through as they get cranked through the machination of coming up in the music world.


As for the story on signing on to DFA, Jona summed it up on a message on the YACHT web site.


"Right before I Believe In You came out last year, I got an email from Jonathan Galkin of DFA Records asking me if I wanted to go on tour with LCD Soundsystem. The tour started two days from that phone call, because the scheduled support band couldn't get US Visas. I said yes.


The tour was epic. LCD Soundsystem were (and are) the nicest people you could imagine, so on a day off in Portland we made this song as sort of a love letter to them. A year later, after we'd played the song a ton of times on tour, celebrating both the Southern and Northern hemisphere's summers, DFA asked us if they could release it. We said yes."



 VIDEO: YACHT - Summer Song


YACHT - Summer Song EP Track List
a1 Summer Song 3:34
a2 I'm In Love With A Ripper (Party Mix) 5:15
b1 It's Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want 8:51
b2 So Post All 'Em (Salvia In The Club Remix) 4:23 (iTunes exclusive)

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