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CMJ Adds More Artists to CMJ Marathon Lineup


By - Spacelab Research Staff

The exalted College Music Journal, ruler of all of the music domains that they survey, have added more names to their list for the 2008 CMJ Marathon. CMJ, now with more CMJ added! Even better than before! (even though there was nothing wrong with the old one, they just made it better than before. I'm such a victim of marketing culture).


But this is about the CMJ lineup, not me! New acts include Tobacco, Neon Neon, Au, Talkdemonic, These United States, Hot Panda, The Duke Spirit and more. Check out the festival overview for a complete line up.


They claim over 90,000 people attend the Marathon. It's got all of the requisite stuff like panels, guest speakers, a film festival, and lots of music.


As always, they host some of the most insightful industry panels, often times with witty titles that only suggest at the cool content that lurks within: If I Only Had Some Funding, Thank God We Got Dropped, and Bands as Brands, because your band is a Coca-Cola and Starbucks onto the world, and you need to know how to market that.


CMJ Marathon Overview

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