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No Age - Nouns


By: Maxwell Paparella


The summer's setting in and all eyes are on the car stereo. What album are you going to select as the soundtrack to your 80-mph, sunglasses-on, windows-down jaunt down that familiar stretch of curvy pavement?

Allow me to make a suggestion: This one.

No other album will make the back of your seat pound quite the way this one will. No other album will make you say "Oil companies be damned, I'm driving to the beach!" No other album will send good vibes flying out of your window so fast that other drivers are caught off-guard and have to pull over to concentrate on smiling for a while.


All hyperbole aside, Nouns album has a decidedly Los Angeles feel. Falling upon eastcoast ears, it sounds almost foreign. You get the feeling that the band has left all of these songs sitting out in the sun for a few days and then dedicated them to vinyl.


No matter where you are, listening to this album is guaranteed to bring you back to those summers where you leaned up against your garage door, hearing your brother's band practicing inside and watching your neighbors building a makeshift skateboard ramp across the street.


In contrast to 2007's EP-culling Weirdo Rippers, this is a much more meat and potatoes record. For every thirty seconds of actual song on Weirdo Rippers, there would be three to four minutes of droning ambience, delicious in it's own right, but not as visceral as their sloppy, jangling noise. On Nouns, that ratio is reversed. Those gorgeous moments of ambience are still here, of course, ("Keechie," "Impossible Bouquet") but they are balanced out with what I can only describe as "the hits." ("Sleeper Hold," "Teen Creeps," "Eraser," etc.)


I've heard a lot of complaints about Dean Spunt's voice. He's been called "whiny," "nasally," "annoying." Friends, this is punk rock. Are you not familiar with that aesthetic? Let me give you a quick example: "Fuck you for your foolish expectations of punk rock singers." Besides, his voice is great.


Yes, No Age has made music for your summer, but they've also made music for your life. Music for freezing your ass off at the bus stop with only your iPod to keep you warm. Music for sitting around your house on a rainy day. Music for waking up at noon and realizing you still owe your music journalism website a record review by the end of the week. It's good for all that, and simply put: It's good music.

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