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Wilderness Want to Take You to (k)no(w)here


By: Spacelab Research Staff


Wilderness have come back from, well, the wilderness, so to speak. The Jagjaguwar band returns on November 4th with a new full length album titled (k)no(w)here.

(k)no(w)here was recorded by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound in Los Angeles earlier this year, and mixed by Wilderness and Pete Lyman. It was concepted as one continuous piece of music, but eventually chopped into eight tracks that flow from one to the next.

"Wilderness's third full-length album entitled (k)no(w)here was conceived as one musical piece, and the impetus for this composition came from an invitation to collaborate with renowned visual artist Charles Long at Long's exhibit at the Whitney Biennial in Spring 2008. The eight identifiable parts of (k)no(w)here are not readily separated from each other, such is the flow from and into each part," reads the announcement from their label.

Although they sound very British at times, the band is actually from Baltimore, Maryland. They draw influence from bands like Joy Division, P.I.L., and the Fall in a way that extends the sounds and ideas those bands approached in the way Wilderness saw fit to make them happen.



Wilderness: (k)no(w)here Track List
1. High Nero
2. Strand the Test of Time
3. (p)ablum
4. Silver Gene
5. Own Anything
6. Chinese Whisperers
7. Soft Cage
8. <....^....>

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